Go Live requirements

In order to go live, there are certain elements that we need to ensure that are in place to ensure the validity of your build, as well as if it is not going to perform any unwanted actions. We have a list of Technical Checks, as well as visual checks that you can go through yourself together with your Sales Engineer.

Below you will find a checklist to go through to ensure that you are both technically, and legally ready to start using Tipser.

Technical Checks


Cookie Consent

Is Tipser part of the cookie consent message?1


Have all of the proper analytics events been initiated? Tipser Script and elements automatically send these. If using a custom implementation, please refer to the analytics image below1

Console Errors

Are there any errors that are occurring within your console coming from Tipser?1

HTTPS Enabled

HTTPS should be mandatory for every page that Tipser is implemented on. This is especially important on the checkout page.1

API Calls

How many calls are being sent to Tipser servers?1

Custom Events

Are you notifying the Tipser server that a consumer is looking at the product? (eg. Calling the product endpoint)1

Correct POS id

Ensure that you have switched dev and production ID's

Visual Checks


Visual Implementation

Does the implementation look good across all devices?1


Is your implementation using the correct language?1

Shopping cart

How is this implemented? Is this visually shown on all pages? Does this update when adding items to the cart?1

Terms of Sale

Are Tipsers terms of sale clearly accessible?1

If you have completed all of the above steps. Check with your Sales Engineer and CSM for go live completion.