Export API is a set of tools to synchronize the inventory that is visible to you and that you can use to build your own curation tools on top of or to synchronize the stock counts of the Tipser products that you store in your own database.


Use these tips to create high-quality product listings:


  • All variants of a product must have the sameitem_group_id.
  • Always include size for clothing.
  • Each variant of a product must have a unique attribute value.


  • Use high-quality images.
  • Upload at least three images.
  • Add photos to the fields image_link and additional_image_link.

Product details:

  • Write a detailed description to anticipate a shopper's questions.
  • Include a google_product_category to improve your product's searchability.
  • Include a gtin number.
  • Update quantity to keep up with your shop's inventory.
  • Include a value in gender if you'd like to target a specific gender of shoppers.

Shipping & delivery:

  • If you don't have a default delivery estimate, include a delivery time.
  • Consider offering free shipping in the shipping field to incentivize shoppers to purchase this item.