Commission States Overview

StateNameMerchant displayPOS displayDescription
0PendingPendingPendingThe commission was just created, but as the line item is not processed, it's pending next steps.
1ProcessedAvailableAvailableThe commission is ready to be paid out.
2RejectedCancelledCancelledThe commission was rejected as the order line item was either cancelled or returned.
3Ready for ApprovalPendingPendingThe commission is ready to be approved once the return period is passed, and the product is not returned, as per above. Note! The commission is automatically set to Ready For Approval when a line item is marked as shipped.
4PaidPaidPaidThe commission was paid.
5To be RepaidCancelledCancelledThe commission was rejected as the order line item was returned. As the commission was already paid the commission needs to be deducted from the future payout.
6RepaidCancelledCancelledThe commission was deducted from the payout, and has been adjusted.
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