Fetching all products

This API allows fetching public products ordered by modification date from Tipser.

The process of fetching all products from Tipser consist of an initial request and some amount of subsequent continuation requests.

The minimal requirements for running the request is specifying apiKey provided by Tipser and market from which we want to get products. Optionally one can specify how many products will be returned using limit parameter. By default 40 products are returned (limit = 40), limit cannot be greater than 200.

Response to the first requests gives a list of products or 404 (if no products are found). In order to get the next products, additional parameter lastProductId needs to be added to the request. This value need to be taken from the last product on the previously downloaded list (field id).

The process of getting subsequent pages can be stopped at any time. If there are no more products fulfilling requested criteria, an empty list is returned.

Fetching products updated after a specific date

If there is a need to fetch products updated only after a certain point in time (e.g. products updated since last Friday), the date should be specified in the initial query using from parameter.

The rest of the process is the same as above, lastProductId parameter should be used.

Fetching selected products only

It is possible to specify which products are needed in the response using productIds parameter.

Further usage of productId

Please note that products returned from this endpoint contain variants (at least one). For further usage of the product (e.g. adding to cart), identification of the product should follow convention: "productId_variantId", e.g. "5076e328e1d491063c35021c_507c2ef65c3d091c20208389" to make it clear which variant of the product is needed (even if productId equals variantId). Details and examples should be checked in the API documentation that is going to be used.

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