This endpoint returns a full product model, but retrieves the product by its merchant website URL instead of the Tipser product ID.

The functionality for bymerchanturl is if you have feeds of your own and want to see if Tipser also has that product. As in the case of product discovery sites. If we are the source of product data you should always use our product Id as the bymerchanturl could theoretically miss products or produce duplicates. Always best to reference products by its id.

You use this endpoint when you have the product URL yourself from different source than Tipser and you don't want to use Tipser export and merge the products yourself.

Query string parameters

posId - (optional) posId needed to ie. show pos-specific discounts etc.
market - determines from which market product is taken. Uses ISO_3166-1 country codes. All supported values can be checked using: GET
url - merchant product url

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