Storefront API is both a client-side and a server-side API that can be used as a way to synchronize the storefront configured in the Tipser Portal or to build sophisticated custom content curation tools as described in the Storefront API guide.

While the public Storefront API requires no authentication provided and can be used both on the client-side (your frontend application using Tipser's backend directly) or server-side (you own the API that is serving the data to your frontend application but you need to synchronize Tipser's storefront data to your own database), many of the Storefront API's endpoints accept the Authorization token as they allow to preview ie. private editor's collections, favorites.

Similarly, some of the endpoints are designed to modify the contents of your shop and collections. They require Authorization token. In any case of attempting to access the authorized resources, the Tipser token must be created through the proper Authentication of the editor's account.

Products API

Product is the fundamental domain entity in Tipser. Use the Storefront's product API to fetch an individual product with its details so it can be used on your storefront.

Collections API

Collections are the simplest way to group the products by any pattern and once configured through the Tipser Portal, the API will return the products grouped accordingly. By using the write-only Collections API you may also perform collections management operation and any changes done through API are likewise visible in the Tipser Portal. Collections are automatically synchronizing the product stock count and prices so you don't need to worry of stale or out of stock items in collections.

Shops API

Shop is a group of visible collections that can be easily nested in your storefront as a full-fledged shop. Like Collections API, changes to the shop are done through Tipser Portal are visible in the Shops API.