Tipser provides a full REST API that can be used for building and transforming your environment into in a digital commerce destination.

The API endpoints are organised by their use case, allowing you control over what product information is retrieved, the user checkout flow, and the fulfilment data of the products. You can also use the API endpoints to extract feeds as well as update your account and user details.

All APIs (except the Pixel API) use the same base URLs in two different environments.

Production Environment:
Dev Environment:

Storefront API

Use the Storefront API as building blocks for your own, customized Tipser implementation for displaying product tiles, fully embedded product detail pages, collections and a store.

Transactions API

Use the Transactions API to build your own checkout flow, add promotion codes or customer details to an existing checkout or create a new one.

Reports API

Use the Reports API to retrieve order statuses, sales details and commissions for your own reporting tools.

Export API

Use the export API to retrieve product lists, feed files to use with for example Google Shopping, as well as metadata information.

Tipser Portal API

Use the Tipser Portal API to perform actions related to users, accounts etc.

Pixel API

Use the Tipser Pixel API to track user impressions and conversions when building an API integration.