Product Export Feed

Product Export Feed is an API that allows to fetch all Tipser products in a bulk. It is mostly useful when you need to sync large bulks of products daily in a performant and reliable way to synchronize your snapshot of Tipser's data with actual source of truth. Since this API is meant to be used not more oftenly that once per 24h, the product data in Export feed is heavily optimized and cached and internally refreshed every 24h. It is best combined with Live Webhook API that let your backend pick up any live product changes in a lightweight way if you want to have always green product data on your product pages when you render these from your own snapshot of Tipser's data (alternatively, you can use Tipser Elements that always have the most up to date product data).

Fetching feed URL

By default, feed API is disabled - please contact Tipser to enable it and also to get your apiKey. Once the feed is enabled, you will be able to download it with following url:

The minimal requirements for running the request is specifying apiKey, market from which you want to get products and feed format, that defines data structure inside feed. Optionally one can specify date of export as exportDate in format yyyy-MM-dd.

Successful response is a 302 redirect to an S3 url that is valid for 60 minutes, where the feed file can be found. Link can be consumed only once.

Feed files are using gzip compression. In case of large inventory (>1mln) a couple of feed files will be contained within a GZIP archive.

Supported formats

GoogleShopping, Google Shopping XML in Atom 1.0 specification. In this format every product variant is treated as a separate entry with item_group_id being id of a product. File with ~200 000 entries has size of ~30MB.

Tipser, json documents stored in line delimited format. Model used is the same as in export/products endpoint. File with ~1 000 000 products will have a size of ~500MB.

We can also provide feed formats to integrate with the following:

  • WooCommerce
  • Shopify
  • Magento
  • Askas

Example feed files

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