What is Tipser by Bolt?


Tipser adds embedded commerce functionality to any digital content or media. The solution contains a set of JavaScript components and a REST API that implemented together will handle the complete shopping journey. Tipser's e-commerce components are ready to use out-of-the-box but also highly customizable for a truly embedded look & feel and a seamlessly integrated experience.

Integrate swiftly by using simple HTML and JS snippets (Tipser Script), get more control by integrating it with your React-app (Tipser Elements) or go full native by consuming the Tipser API (Tipser REST API).

All products displayed with Tipser are curated in the Tipser Portal.

What is Tipser Script?

Tipser Script is a JavaScript library providing a set of HTML tags that are displayed as rich E-commerce components (products, collections, store and more). The script requires no specific technology and can be used even if you only work with a CMS. We like to say that Tipser Script is a “simplified” (or more approachable) version of Tipser Elements. Continue to read about Tipser Script.

What is Tipser Elements?

Tipser Elements is a JavaScript library providing Tipser’s E-commerce components aimed for those who use the React technology. If this technological requirement is fulfilled, Tipser Elements gives more control over components’ behavior and presentation than Tipser Script. This is the most advanced Tipser frontend product intended to take the most burden off your shoulders! Continue to read about Tipser Elements .


Tipser also provide a Restful API which gives you the possibility to fully integrate your platform with Tipser. This is useful if you e.g. already have or want to build your own components. Head over to Tipser REST API to understand how you can fully utilize Tipser.

Which implementation option should you select?

The Tipser implementations options are designed to fit regardless of what technology you as a publisher use. Below are a few recommendations from the Tipser team:

  • Do you use React as your main frontend technology? - Tipser Elements
  • No dedicated development team? - Tipser Script
  • Do you want to build from scratch your own storefront on top of our inventory? - Tipser API
  • Are you building a native mobile app? Read more