Direct to Checkout

Direct to Checkout is the most efficient checkout experience for shoppers, offering an optional quick product detail page preview and fast one-click checkout. That's also the most lightweight integration method to date.

Direct to Checkout Element

To render an inline product detail page with one-click checkout, a component must be inserted:

<DirectToCheckout productId="61b3bccfe44b65e46178fd13"/>

Make sure that productId is actually an id of Bolt's product.

Inserting a valid tag with product that is in stock, renders as following:

And then, when "Buy now" is pressed, shopper is moved to the checkout page:

Direct to Checkout options

productIdProduct id of the product to be rendered as PDP (product detail page) to allow variant selection. Must follow the same constraints as in the Product API
showPdpBoolean, defaulting to true. Indicates if PDP should be shown. If false and variant id is provided, the component will render as an instant checkout
variantIdVariant id of the buyable SKU that will be added to cart when in the showPdp=false mode
affiliateUrlAdditional metadata that will be added to the line item when checking out
productBeta - product data that will be imported (no product id is required). More on that in the section: Dynamic Import

Dynamic Import

Minimal product payload that must be provided for the dynamic import is specified below.


That functionality is by default disabled for publishers, so please contact our support for more info on how to enable Dynamic Import on your site.

interface ImportableProduct {
  merchantProductUrl: string;
  title: string;
  brandName: string;
  categoryId: string;
  merchantImageUrl: string; 
  price: number; 
  salesPrice: number;
  freightCost: number;
  variantSku: string; 
  productSku?: string;
  attributes: {
    [key: string]: string;

Dynamic import parameters

merchantProductUrl(original) merchant product URL - ex.
titleProduct title
brandNameProduct brand name
categoryIdCategory Id according to Bolt's internal taxonomy (reach out to Bolt for the up-to-date category reference)
merchantImageUrlProduct image URL
priceProduct price, including VAT (for Europe), but excluding sales tax for US, eg. 20.22 is $20.22, given USD is the currency assigned to the merchant
salesPriceProduct sales price, including VAT (for Europe), but excluding sales tax for US
freightCostFreight cost
variantSkuUnique identified of the product SKU
attributesKey-value of attribute name and value, eg. { color: "Black", size: 8.5 }
productSkuOptional, unique identifier of the product group (in case the product has variants)