Migration Guide

Updating your existing version

If you're currently using Tipser script or Elements 3.x. and above, updates can be made simply by adjusting the versioning number to bump it. If you have the "evergreen" distribution below, it will automatically fetch the most recent version upon page load. You can read more about this in our versioning section.


If you prefer, you can fix your stick to a specific version of Tipser Script by using URL schema like https://cdn.tipser.com/tipser-script/v3.0.24/tipser-script.min.js (please note how v3 part was replaced with a specific version: v3.0.24 in this example).


For EU/UK customers please use the URL https://cdn.tipser.com/tipser-script/v3/tipser-script.min.js instead. V4 is not currently available for EU/UK customers due to GDPR regulations.

Backwards compatibility changes

Below is the list of all the backwards-incompatible changes between Tipser Elements 2.x and 3.x.

Migrating to 3.x should be as simple as going through this list and replacing all the old calls in your code with the new ones.


Most of the changes described below have been backported to Tipser Elements 2.x, meaning that you can first safely try them out in your current code using 2.x before bumping Tipser Elements version to 3.x.

Configuration changes

  • The config option disableDialog is no longer supported. It should be replaced by building an embedded product page (with customUrls.productUrl config option)
  • openOldDialog and openOldCheckout config options are no longer supported (the old dialog is no longer available)
  • useCheckoutV2 config option has been removed (Checkout 2.0 is always used when PSP is non-Klarna)
  • the useDeepLinking configuration option has been replaced by disableDeepLinking prop on the Store component with inverted logic

Component renames

  • Cart is renamed to CartIcon
  • Checkout is renamed to CheckoutPage
  • CheckoutCartPromoCode is renamed to CheckoutPromoCode
  • CheckoutCartProducts is renamed to CheckoutProductList
  • CheckoutCartSummary is renamed to CheckoutSummary

Tipser SDK removed

In Tipser Elements 3.x useTipserSdk() hook has been removed. Instead, we provide a set of functions available from useInternalFunctions hook. Read the Internal functions chapter for more details.

So for example the following snippet of code:

const tipserSdk = useTipserSdk();

Needs to be replaced with:

const { goToProduct } = useInternalFunctions();

Styles inheritance in modal

In Elements 2.x all the basic CSS styles like font-size, font-family, header sizes, etc, are inherited from the parent page and applied to the Tipser modal.
In Elements 3.0 this behavior has been changed, and a set of "reasonable" styles is applied inside the modal (overriding corresponding styles from the parent page).

In order to activate the old behavior (recommended when migrating from 2.x), the following config option needs to be used:

const elementsConfig = {
    modalUi: {
        inheritStyles: true;

Component properties renames

  • inlineMenu prop in the Store component has been renamed to inlineMobileMenu

Checkout flow changes

  • In the dialog one more phase has been added between product view and checkout view: a cart phase
  • Checkout product list is no longer editable by default (unless modular checkout is in use and editable attribute is set to true on CheckoutProductList component)
  • For embedded integrations we recommend using the CartPage component to present and modify cart contents (checkout page should not be editable unless absolutely required)

CartIcon dropdown behaviour

Now by default when the CartIcon component is clicked, a dropdown displaying the contents of the cart is shown.

The default behaviour in Tipser Elements 2.x was bringing the user directly to the checkout page. To revert to the old behaviour use the following config option:

disableCartIconDropdown: false