Export API

Export API

Export API is a server-to-server API enabling your system to synchronise Tipser's inventory on a regular and live basis when building your own customized Storefront, as well as exporting your curated inventory under formats compatible with standard third party shopping surfaces such as Google Shopping.

Export Feed API

Product Export Feed is an API that allows to fetch all Tipser products in a bulk. It is mostly useful when you need to sync large bulks of products daily in a performant and reliable way to synchronize your snapshot of Tipser's data with actual source of truth. Since this API is meant to be used not more oftenly that once per 24h, the product data in Export feed is heavily optimized and cached and internally refreshed every 24h. It is best combined with Live Webhook API that let your backend pick up any live product changes in a lightweight way if you want to have always green product data on your product pages when you render these from your own snapshot of Tipser's data (alternatively, you can use Tipser Elements that always have the most up to date product data).

Live Webhook API

Product Webhook API is an event-based API that lets our partners be notified about all product changes events, including new products added to our repository, product changes (including price or stock changes) but also changes within partner's shop and collections.

It is an event-based API, meaning that all small changes will be sent out to the subscriber, upon which the subscriber can react accordingly to ie. invalidate your own cache, update the product prices that you keep in your system or reindex any third party searches/indices. This is a great way to keep your snapshot of Tipser's inventory up to date if combined with Export Feed API.